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ExLibris Megabooksale 2022


Subject to the whims of any future corona virus variants, we propose to hold another Megabooksale in the spring of 2022. As we have grown old in the service of ExLibris and are beginning to mutter things like "why have I come into this room" more frequently, this may be our last! Because we have not had a sale for two years, our stock of books has really built up, and there are donations pending where people have kindly held onto books until we were ready. In order to clear this massive stock of exciting books, the sales will take place over three weekends:

10 am until 6 pm on all days.

To wet your appetite, why not have a look at the extraordinary scenes from our previous Megabooksales, either on News from FMB member groups or on the ExLibris facebook page.

This year, proceeds from the Megabooksale are going to be divided between two local charities (click on the links to find out about their excellent work):


Covid has not gone away. The consequences of catching it can still be bad for the elderly or people with underlying conditions. To keep ourselves, our visitors and volunteers safe:

FFP2 or FFP3 masks will be required throughout the sale for those aged 12+ (we may have some for sale at cost price for people who forget. If you are medically exempt, please contact us beforehand).

If you can do a lateral flow test before visiting, thank you. Hand sanitizer will be available. We will ensure good ventilation. Enclosed areas, such as the porch, garage and Saithwaite House may have restrictions on the number of people in them at a time.

If you can come at a less busy time, please do (eg 5-6 pm on Mondays or the last weekend).

On non-sale days, we usually sleep, re-stock and tidy the shelves, sleep, consume alcohol in unhealthy quantities, sleep. However, if you feel unable to risk being in proximity with other people because of covid, we will open up on a non-sale day for you, so you can browse on your own. Just tell us when you'd like to come.

You can download our latest leaflet by clicking on the images above for jpegs or click here for a pdf of both sides on an A4 sheet. As always, please feel free to download any of these and distribute as you see fit (there's no copyright on it!). Also, you could collect leaflets from ExLibris Depot for distribution or from Five Leaves Bookshop in town at 14a Long Row (walk along Long Row on the side opposite the Council House and look for their signboard standing on the pavement). It would help avoid duplication if you tell us where you're leafletting.

A big thank you to all the many lovely people who have already volunteered to distribute leaflets.

Click here to see how preparations for the sale are going!

This may be our last Megabooksale, so we are looking for someone to take over from us in order to keep Maskedbookselling alive in Nottingham. If you think you might be interested, have a look round during our sale and have a chat with the people involved.

Preparations go ahead...

Before and after; the workshop gets transformed into the non-fiction department with the smart, new Geoffski shelving. Head of Engineering Services is heard to mutter that the Megabooksale should continue as it's the only time the workshop gets tidied and swept out. After over two years with no Megabooksale... well you can see the state it's in!

On the left, preparations are interrupted by some typical spring weather. Good job the ExLibris Express has a snow plow! So far, it's been cold with intermittent rain/sleet showers, making it difficult and unpleasant to carry books about or sort them outside.

On the right, we were just congratulating ourselves on managing to avoid the internal chaos of previous years when Dave, Geoffski, Gerald and later Jen 38 boxes arrived with books... At least we can see the TV and close the curtains. One year, we couldn't.

Madame Director (Director of Operational Planning ExLibris or DOOPEL as she is sometimes called) seen here broadcasting news of the 2022 Megabooksale from the Fiction Department to the free world via an interview on Notts TV. Footage that Notts TV must have shot when they visited a previous Megabooksale was also shown.

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