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Report by ExLibris - Nottingham

Megabooksale 2018

BREAKING NEWS! We are very pleased to announce that this year's Megabooksale will be opened at 10am on Friday April 27th by the Mayor of Gedling, Councillor Vivienne McCrossen. We are delighted that she has agreed to do this, and hope she will wear a mask!

The dates for this year's Megabooksale were decided by the enigmatic and all-powerful Director of Operational Planning. You probably all know by now that the the first weekend of the sale will be from Friday the 27th to Monday the 30th of April - although Monday is not a holiday. The following weekend we shall be open from Friday the 4th to Monday the 7th of May - the 7th being the Mayday holiday. Opening times will be 10 am to 6 pm on all days. So for the first time, the ExLibris shop will be open for EIGHT whole days!! You heard it here first.

Once again, there will be a huge collection of books for you to browse, and wonderful cakes down in 'Josiah's'. The train and its station (now with roof) will also be available for childen to play on along with other garden toys.

Reliable sources in the tenebrous and largely covert Operational Planning Section have leaked that there will be an OUTBREAK OF POETRY on Saturday April 28th at 2pm in the garden of ExLibris Depot where, in conjunction with Nottingham Poetry Festival 2018, ExLibris presents:

Dave Wood and Friends: Read as you are; no mic, no stage, just sitting around with cake

Dave and t'others will start by performing their own poetry, then it will be your chance – open floor to follow, so bring a poem if you’d like to read or perform or just come and listen, clap, cheer, throw money in the ExLibris tin or swoon with a bookish fever.

ExLibris Engineering (wacky structures and groundworks section) have said that the "floor" mentioned above, will be either lawn or mud, depending on whether you can find room under the large gazebo we hope to put up.

Dave Wood lives locally and has been working in community arts and poetry for 30 years. See nottinghamcommunityarts blogspot and picture of Dave in idyllic woodland setting, left. His poems contain humour, unexpected twists, sometimes spaghetti and lovely,lovely words. His commitment to the natural world has encompassed projects such as the Perambulations of Sherwood Forest We are delighted that Dave's friends include Rosie Garner (that's her, next to lion, right), Richard Young and Martin Dean.

Also on Saturday April 28th, ExLibris look forward to welcoming local author Rowena Edlin-White at 1.30pm to sell and sign copies of her fascinating new book Exploring Nottinghamshire Writers. Come along, buy Rowena's book, and stay for poetry.

Exploring Nottinghamshire Writers is a guide-book to the literary landscape of the region – three centuries and more of writers and the places that inspired them. This book celebrates not only the obvious giants like Byron, Lawrence and Sillitoe, but dozens of others who were best-sellers in their day (Muriel Hine and J.C. Snaith, anybody?) and others whose stories have been forgotten. Here, then, are more than a hundred Nottinghamshire authors – including a representative selection of those writing today – who together contribute to the rich literary heritage which makes Nottingham and her environs so special and ripe for further exploration!

Rowena Edlin-White is Nottingham born and bred, descended from lace-makers, actors, artists and second-hand dealers. She is an author, researcher, performer, small publisher and a compulsive “snapper-up of unconsidered trifles.” For this book she has spent five years ransacking the libraries, bookshops, archives and graveyards of Nottinghamshire to uncover some of the more obscure corners of our literary past – and struck gold!

She is a great supporter of ExLibris, being a frequent visitor to our Megabooksale and stalls at outside events.

Meanwhile, most of the leaflets have been distributed. This year, they have been cunningly wrought by our Head of Visual Identity (overseen of course by the feared Director of Operational Planning), as an A4 POSTER which can also be cut in half to make two leaflets!! Cunning or what? The poster/leaflets are shown below. There is a version without the red border which is easier on your red printing ink, should you want to download a poster/leaflet and print a few off for distribution. Click here to download a borderless poster (you only need to print the first side for posters... obviously).

Geoffsky has already been doing great work, distributing leaflets and posters to all and sundry. Look out for him - he's capable of popping up anywhere.

In January, we were gobsmacked to find that since we started back in 2006, ExLibris has raised £16784 for distribution among various good causes. Huge thanks to all the people who have helped and supported us over the years - we could not have done it without you.

In fact we have been told that we are in line for the FMB's Masked Bookseller of the Year award. Charity Books - Dewsbury were going to get it, but since Dexit, they have been told that they are no longer eligible. Dexiters in Charity Books - Dewsbury have reacted with gammon-faced fury, frothing at the mouth with xenophopic rhetoric and impotent splutterings.

By the way, we have been contacted by the organizers of Frankfurt Book Fair, who said they were setting the date for next year's Fair and wanted to make sure it doesn't clash with our Megabooksale 2019.

The brilliant donations of books have continued through March into April. We would like to say thank you very much to these generous people because without them, we wouldn't have anything much to sell. As you can see from the picture right, the Vast Vaults below ExLibris Depot are already stuffed with books, ready to be brought up in the lift and put out on display in our shop. Construction of our shop began traditionally with the moving of the Great Pallet onto the front garden wall and is now almost complete.

As you know, the all-powerful Director of Operational Planning is also Head of Marketing and her marketing department has crafted some videos for you-tube showing what goes on Behind the Scenes at ExLibris. They mostly star the Director of Operational Planning, but the Head of Engineering Services also makes an appearance (he's getting more hits). For the first time you can glimpse some of the extensive work required bring the Megabooksale to life that goes on... Behind the Scenes at ExLibris. You'll see some of the many world class innovations made by ExLibris in the fields of leafleting and book shelving. These exciting videos can be found by clicking on Behind the Scenes at ExLibris.

After viewing a couple of these, you may wonder how on earth the Megabooksale does come to life every year - we certainly do.

On the left is a picture of the Great Pallet, submerged by Putin's snow back in March.

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