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ExLibris - Nottingham

Megabooksale 2017

BREAKING NEWS!! We are extremely excited to report that Nottingham born poet, TV/film writer and producer Henry Normal (pictured right) will be opening the Megabooksale on Friday, April 28th at 10 am and has even written a poem for us. To mention just a couple of Henry's many achievements and activities, he co-wrote the Royle Family and the Mrs Merton show and in 2016, he was executive producer of Red Dwarf. Nottingham's Castle Rock Brewery is planning a Henry Normal beer - you've arrived big-time when there's a beer named after you! Anyway, we could go on but urge you to search Henry Normal on the net to find out more, or better still come and meet Henry at our Megabooksale.

Meanwhile... pre-megabooksale panic is already setting in at ExLibris Depot and moves to set up the shop have already begun. As last year, the big sale is going to be over two weekends in spring, the first weekend including Mayday. The shadowy Operational Planning Section is insisting that NO ONE leaves ExLibris Depot without carrying some flyers for distribution:

If you would like to download the flyer, which can be printed two-sided as A5, please click here. Then print off loads and feel free to distribute willy-nilly! If you have somewhere to stick up a poster or two, please click here to download the A4 poster.

As well as a vast selection of cheap books, "Josiah's" will be open for cakes. This year we have a huge selection of children's books and there will be things for children to play on, including the famous train. There will be a bin for donations of tinned veggie food which we will take to a food bank.

RAFFLE!! There will also be a be a raffle with a selection of amazing prizes which includes three Sleaford Mods albums, signed by Jason:

Huge thanks to Sleaford Mods who have donated donated the albums themselves.

Remember, if you come to the booksale wearing a mask, you can have one free raffle ticket.

Other less exciting news: you will remember that our gazebo got trashed by high winds at last year's Children's Book Sale. We are happy to announce that ExLibris Engineering has turned the disparate assortment of bent metal sticks that we were left with back into a functioning gazebo. We are possibly the only organization to have successfully brought a beat-up gazebo back from the dead! You usually find them discarded at the end of festivals, fetes &c. Only problem is that Engineering are now recommending that the gazebo be taken down immediately the wind exceeds Force 3 (light breeze, 7-10 knots).

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