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Report by ExLibris - Nottingham

Welcome to ExLibris 2019

EXCITING NEWS! We are delighted to announce that award-winning crime writer Stephen Booth will be coming to open our 2019 Megabooksale on Friday, April 26th at 10 am. Stephen Booth's gripping stories of "rural noir" are set in the deepest of Derbyshire mud. The chief protagonists are the enigmatic police detectives Ben Cooper and Diane Fry whose job it is to investigate the mysterious events that occur in remote corners of the Peak District. The plot will keep you guessing right up to the last few pages. Favourite Stephen Booth quote of the moment is:

"Casual flippancy seemed to seep out of him like sweat from a ripe Stilton." (From 'Dancing with the Virgins')

The Director of Operational Planning has been heard to mutter that this is a perfect description of the Head of Engineering Services - particularly the Stilton bit.

Not only is Stephen a successful author of eighteen books, but he's also an expert on goat breeding, especially Toggenburgs. See picture right, where a Toggenburg goat gives the camera a wry and sideways look.

The 2019 Megabooksale looms like a... big, loomy thing. Work is ongoing and forward-looking. With roughly two weeks to go, everyone is going AAAAARRRRRGH!!! repeatedly. The poster/leaflets, designed by the great Les are being widely circulated, see below. Again they have been cunningly wrought so that they will do for an A4 poster or can be cut up for leaflets (hence "poster/leaflets"...) so here we give both page 1 and page 2. Please feel free to download by clicking on page 1 for the poster or click on both pages if you want to make your own leaflets. Then print off/circulate as you see fit.

As you can see from the dates, there will be a whole eight days during which you will be able to browse our entire, lovely stock! Already, we have had donations of books which have caused murmurs of appreciation around the Central Committee.

SF fans, this is your year because we have just collected a massive donation of SCIENCE FICTION with titles by authors WE'VE NEVER EVEN HEARD OF!! So many books in fact, that boxes of them have had to be stored at Depot 2. We will be bringing them out as the shelves empty.



Later, there were gurgles of delight from the Head of Engineering Services as we selected classic books on engineering, mechanics and maths from a fascinating collection in a garage somewhere in Mapperley. At last, a proper mechanical engineering section! So if you want to know how to solve partial differential equations, design an aeroplane wing, a propeller or even an airship, this is your year too.

CLOCKS...we have aquired a small clock section; there are books about how clocks work, how to make and repair them. If regulators and escapements are your bag, our Megabooksale is the place to come.

COMIX... with just 12 hours to go before Megabooksale No 13 crosses the start line, I should tell you about our big donation of DC AND VERTIGO COMIX which is being examined and priced by our Special Comics Unit (AKA Claire and Mike) even as I write. All the issues are in excellent condition; each has been kept in its own plastic envelope. Some appear to be very scarce and valuable, but will of course be on sale at way below internet prices.

We have many more books than we are able to display, the stock will change continuously over the eight days, so keep coming back for more.

There is a Co-op ATM nearby!

This year, the proceeds of the Megabooksale will be divided between the following excellent causes:

You will also be able to meet representatives from the charities benefiting from the booksale this year.

Visitors are invited to bring a tin of vegetarian food, which will be passed on to Netherfield Food Bank after the Booksale.

Also, we will be a distant outpost of Nottingham Poetry Festival, thanks to Dave Wood and friends who will be doing their stuff in the Big White Gazebo out the back at 1.00 pm on Saturday, April 27th. Let's hope they wont be ankle deep in mud this year.

Meanwhile ExLibris Engineering Services is up to its armpits in work. The display arrangements in the non-fiction dept. are undergoing exciting changes. Also exciting - but not in a good way - the roof of Josiah's is leaking and needs to be replaced. Steel roofing sheets, coloured a tasteful green, which should last longer than the original crappy old roofing felt, have arrived. At around 20 kg each, assistance has been needed to get them onto the roof. Photo left shows first sheet 1 on roof - now all 4 sheets are on. None of this would be possible without the help of ExLibris's hand-picked, elite unit AKA Geoffsky and Dave (see right). To cap it all, we discovered today that the bloody funnel has fallen off the ExLibris Express!! Oh will it never end?

Even the 'CHARITY BOOK SALE' sign we hang out the windows every year has become so battered it has had to be replaced. But a new sign has already been crafted by the Director of Operational Planning herself with her own fair hands.

Look out for thrillsome YouTube videos of engineering staff hitting things with hammers or falling off the roof of Josiah's.

Strangely, the Director of Operational Planning has been engaging in serious Civil Engineering groundworks, aided and abetted by poet and gardener Dave Wood. At first, I thought she was building a model of Fort Douaumont. But then lots of turf arrived. Now, according to FMB Rule 117, the Director of Operational Planning can be deposed on grounds of insanity. This never works because most members of FMB groups are at least one egg mayo sandwich short of a picnic. However, it transpires that the earthwork Madam Director has been excavating so tirelessly is in fact, the Tomb of the Unknown Masked Bookseller (we're hoping to install an Eternal Flame later). Which of course makes it all OK.

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